Joel Wilke
marketing integrated web development
& user-centered design

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Who is this Joel anyway?

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A very good question indeed. It all started a very long time ago when I was born in Minnesota. My father taught me early on about finesse and craft. I went into engineering with an idea of designing products but soon found myself in the library going through the then newly discovered Communication Arts magazines. I love physics, especially in how it relates to riding motorcycles and snowboards, but calculus?

So I left. I restarted in Industrial Design but I soon found my home in the Graphic Design department. And home it became for many long hours. I soon found a love for early Twentieth Century Russian design (which fits in well with my math and science background) and Japanese packaging with its innovative use of materials.

So...I've got enough credits for two degrees if they offered something that fit my eclectic mix. In that mix is the equivalent of a literature minor which I think can also be found influencing my work.

So who am I? I am someone who treasures learning, experiences, the journey, my surroundings, and what it is that makes me passionate, intrigued, happy, sad, perplexed-all emotions. Through all of these emotions is how we communicate the way we do and why we do it.

Design is about communication. Not just appearances but how things work or operate. It takes into account many peoples and their thought processes, perceptions and emotions.

Intelligent design adds value to an object or experience. And those values are what drives our decision making process. Do you shop at Wal-mart or Target? Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Ford or Chevrolet? All things being equal--design differentiates, for better or worse.

My approach to design is to give the client more than they expect and what they need, not neccesarily what they want-to create an experience that the user values.